Club rules

Below you will find our collection of club rules and etiquette that we politely request all members & beginners adhere to when attending class.

What to wear

  • Wear any martial arts gi if you have one, or sports clothing such as tighter jogging bottoms, leggings/spats/yoga pants or shorts without pockets and a t-shirt, running top or rash guard.
  • Please remove any jewellery, a towel and a bottle of water is also a good idea! You can wear a Mouth guard if you have one for safety.


  • Treat your training partners, coaches and team mates with respect. Drill techniques with control and co-operation.

Heel Hooks / Toe Holds

  • Please refrain from snapping on heel hooks / toe holds when rolling unless already agreed between your partner & you. They can come on quickly and cause injury fairly easy.
  • If you are a white belt leg attacks are banned until an instructor has taught this and is satisfied that you are safe to execute them.
  • You are prohibited from using “Toe Holds” (Mata-Leao no Pe) and “Heel Hooks” (Ashi Garami) at all times.


  • Please try to arrive at class at least 10 minutes early. This allows all members of the club to work together and set up the mats for the session ahead.
  • Please also help your teammates to put all mats away after the session before getting changed. When storing the mats please place them back to back in order to avoid the spread of bacteria. Please don’t bring drinks onto the mats.


  • Please ensure that you put shoes or flip-flops on whenever you leave the mats for hygiene purposes, especially before going to the toilet. This helps prevent the spread of bacteria from the outside world to the mats, on which we roll. Please don’t walk onto the mats with any footwear.

Tapping Out

  • Apply all submissions with extreme care and control. If at any point you see, hear or feel a tap you are to immediately release all pressure of any hold or submission and disengage from your opponent.


  • If the monthly subscription is your chosen option, please ensure to pay your monthly fee at the first class of the month either with cash or through the website.
  • If pay per class is more suitable for you, please pay this to your class instructor at the end of every session.


  • Please make sure that you are trimming both your finger & toenails prior to attending class.
  • Any spills of bodily fluids onto the mats, in particular blood, should be cleaned immediately. All cuts and abrasions must be covered adequately before commencing training.


  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a close combat sport, If you’re feeling under the weather, even if it’s just a sniffle, please do not attend class.

Calling out higher belts

  • When looking for your next sparring partner at class, please keep in mind that the traditional expectations of BJJ is that you do not call out higher belts for rolls. We usually do not mind but it is good etiquette to avoid this.

End of class

    • At the end of the session, the entirety of the class attendees will line up in rank order at the edge of the mats, ready to receive an end of class briefing from the class instructor. After this has taken place, we all shake hands.