Grab & Pull 3rd Brighton Open – 25th of July

grab & Pull 3rd Brighton BJJ tournament

grab & Pull 3rd Brighton BJJ tournament

Please arrive at 9.00am First fights start at 9.30am prompt
Early Registration Before Monday 18th July: £25.00 Late Registration After Monday 18th July: £35.00

Strictly NO REGISTRATIONS will be accepted after Tuesday 21 July 2009
Brackets will be available on Friday 24 july 2009.
All competitors will be required to show identity and proof of age
Weigh-in will be shortly prior to your first fight.
Weight (in kg) Men’s Adult & Master Women’s Adult Junior

Rooster: 57.5kg (MALE) – 48.5kg (FEMALE)
Super Feather: 64kg (MALE) – 53.5kg (FEMALE)
Feather: 70kg (MALE) – 58kg (FEMALE)
Light Weight: 76kg (MALE) – 64kg (FEMALE)
Middle Weight: 82.3kg (MALE) – 69kg (FEMALE)
Medium Heavy: 88.3kg (MALE) – 74kg (FEMALE)
Heavy: 94.3kg (MALE) – 79kg (FEMALE)
Super Heavy: 100.5k (MALE) – 84.3kg (FEMALE)
Super Super Heavy: over 100.5kg (MALE)
Weight Division Fight Durations

Men and Women (16 & 17 year-olds)
Fight time: 5 minutes
Open class available for middle weight or above

Adult’s (18-29)

white belts – 5 minutes
blue belts – 6 minutes
purple belts – 7 minutes
brown belts – 8 minutes
black belts -10 minutes
Master’s (30-35)

Note: Men Only

White and Blue belts – 5 minutes
Purple/brown/black belts – 6 minutes
Senior’s (36 plus)

Note: Men only

All belts – 5 minutes

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