Medals at the Bournemouth Open

Picture of the Isle of Wight Kamon guys at the Bournemouth openCongratulations to members of Kamon BJJ who competed at the Bournemouth Open on Saturday 18th June.  Out of eleven competitors from Kamon who competed five came home with medals. Phil Watts, Paul O’Brien, Zak Chiverton, Steven Leucaux and Martin Dell came home with 1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze.  Alex Box, Andy Law, Walt Willis, Angelo Cascarini, Gareth Mowbray and Higino Rodrigues also fought very well on the day.  Everyone who competed showed great technique and a lot of heart.  A big thank you also to Kamon students who came to support and cheer for everyone who fought which gave a real family feel within the team.