Saturday 17th October 2009 Seminar with Master Leao Teixeira & Felipe Souza

Master Leao Teixeira is a 5th degree black belt. He started his training with the legendary Rolls Gracie and received his black belt from Carlos Gracie Jr in 1986. During his teaching career he played a major role on the development of many athletes such as: Felipe Souza, Hélio Moreira (soneca), Ralph Gracie, Marcio Feitosa, Rafael Correia “Gordinho”, Flávio Almeida “Cachorrinho”, Rolles Gracie Jr., Igor Gracie e Marco Joca “Piu-Piu, to name a few.

Cost to Kamon members is £30 pre-paid, or £40 for non-members. Gi’s should be worn.
All current and former Kamon BJJ students should attend this seminar where possible.

Saturday 17th October 2009 10:00am – 2:00pm

ENSKA Keep Fit Martial Arts Centre
222-223 Kingston Road